Audioadd voice to your character

With SitePal, your business website comes alive with voice. For your convenience, there are multiple ways to add audio for your SitePal character to speak. And, you may update these audio messages as often as you like. In all cases - lip syncing is automatic!

Your site visitors can control the character's speech by using the built in playback controls.

Add Audio by Phone
  • Call our toll-free number to record and update your talking character's message in your own voice.
  • Or, assign a team member to update the audio daily!
  • There's no need to be online - you can do it on the go...
  • Just make a call, and it's published to your site
  • Keep your website on message & fresh!
Add Audio by Microphone
  • Record and update your character's online speech using your computer mic
  • Our technology supports all human speech letting you record in any language.
Add Audio Using Text-To-Speech (TTS) Engine
  • Type your message and your character will speak it!
  • Hundreds of voices in over 25 languages are available
  • Built-in languages include English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic & many more
Speech Demo
Upload Audio File
  • Upload an existing audio file - in MP3 or WAV format
  • No technical knowledge required
Use Professional Voice Talentadd on
  • Choose from our extensive lineup of male and female voice professionals
  • Upload your message script. We'll handle the production & return your audio to you
  • Provide special instructions - we want to make it just the way you like it!
  • Fast turnaround time - about 3 days
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Advanced Audio Techniques

Get much more from your SitePal character, by mastering a few simple techniques. Animated audio can get people's attention and add another dimension to your communication. To make that happen, you should employ common sense and avoid common pitfalls.

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