What Makes SitePal™ Unique?

SitePal is the only speaking character solution designed to be fully dynamic: editable, responsive & programmable - in your web page

SitePal is the only speaking character solution that supports ANY of the following capabilities, let alone ALL of them.

Unlimited Updates - With Zero Production Costs

This means you can update your SitePal character as often as you like.

  • Update what the character says
  • Update the background image
  • Update the character itself

You can do so as often as you like: every week, every day or every minute. It's easy to do from your SitePal control panel, with changes immediately reflecting in your web page. No need to modify anything in your page.

Try doing that with a Video or custom built animation.

Real Time Dynamic Control - via API

SitePal supports an incredibly rich API which enables you to programmatically control every aspect of your character's behavior and speech - in real time. Using the API -

  • you can control the character's speech (see next section)
  • you can control the character's appearance & behavior
  • you can replace the character in the page or decide in real time which character to load.

AND you can do all these things and more PER VISITOR, thereby personalizing each visitor's experience.

Real Time Speech

This feature truly puts SitePal into a class of its own. With dynamic programmable Text-To-Speech built into the platform, your character can speak real time content to your site visitors. Examples might include -

  • Personalized greeting by name, user location, time of day etc.
  • Call to action that changes based on the user's browsing history or other factors.
  • Incorporate user's personal account information or status into the spoken audio. e.g. - “I’ve noticed that your subscription is about to expire. To avoid service disruption… “
  • Switch languages with ease per user's preference or location.
  • Implement a speech based FAQ or even a conversation.

Note: Over 40 languages are built into the SitePal platform, with hundreds of voices to select from. Check out our voice selection here: www.ttsdemo.com

AI Agent

There are many AI Agent solutions out there, with different professional areas of expertise, underlying technologies and technical abilities. But they all share one thing in common: they need a face to communicate with your users.

With its real time API driven speech, SitePal is the perfect solution. Select the speaking character of your choice to be the face of your AI Agent. Or, better yet: let your user select their own guide, and remember their choice.

SitePal characters, due to their Dynamic API control, can be connected to ANY cloud based AI knowledge base.

All you need is an HTTP REST API, and you can connect your SitePal character directly from within the browser. See our technical note "Implementing Your AI Agent" for details (available on the Support page).

Enterprise Product Integration

SitePal can be whitelabled and integrated in to your own product.

Want your product subscribers to have their own virtual Support Person? Teacher? Guide?

Want your users to select their own speaking Avatar to represent them on your platform?

This can be done with SitePal. Talk to us about an Integrator License.

Create Your own Photoface™ 3D

Only SitePal allows you to create your own 3D speaking character from a photo, without being a professional computer whiz (note: requires Gold plan or higher).

And you can do so easily and repeatedly to create your own custom characters for different use cases. Or, select from our ever increasing roster of hundreds of available characters (see our entire collection).

What does Your Site Say?