Artificial Intelligencemake your character smart

When you connect your SitePal character to an AI knowledge base (a “bot”) you create a speaking animated Intelligent Agent that can converse with and assist your customers & website visitors. Your Intelligent Agent can be used for 24/7 customer support, online training, entertainment, and many other purposes.

With recent developments in AI this capability is now more relevant than ever, and has become a realistic & effective solution for businesses and organizations large and small.

We enable AI implementation in two ways:
  1. By integration with 3rd party AI providers.
  2. Using our built in AIMC

The implementation of both solutions is very similar. To learn more, including step by step instructions – please see our technical note.

Check out technical demos and their their source code:

Using 3rd party AI

SitePal characters are a perfect companion to any intelligent bot in search of a face. That is why we have made the effort to ‘pre-integrate’ leading AI solutions with SitePal, starting with ‘ChatGPT’ and ‘Pandorabots’ – with more being added.

It is important to note that you can integrate your SitePal speaking character with any 3rd party AI solution, even if it is not per-integrated – it just requires a bit more work. Learn more by reading our technical note. Please ask us if you have questions about a particular AI integration.

About SitePal AIMC

SitePal Artificial Intelligence Management Center (AIMC) is a powerful tool that allows you to easily create an AI Bot, able to respond to user questions with context-sensitive, spoken answers. A built-in knowledge base contains over 25,000 entries, so your character is intelligent right out of the box. It does however require time and effort to add the specific knowledge that applies to your needs.

The AIMC uses the AIML markup language to create your Bot. While AIMC allows you direct access to add and edit your AIML code, it also provides simple no-code tools to teach your Bot without coding.

AIMC is built-in to SitePal and is included with the Gold Plan and higher. Try it out by signing up for the Free Trial.

Using Speech Inputmake your character even smarter

Why type your questions when you can speak them? Talking to your bot is so much better! An idea whose time has come? We think so. That’s why we’ve integrated Speech to Text technology with SitePal. This is a capability you should definitely use. Check out our fun AI Speech Demo !