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Enhancing Text to Speechby using SSML Tags in your text

Sample our text-to-speech voices and experiment with SSML tags to finetune your audio.

Note: Only voices that support SSML tags are included here.

SSML Tags in your speech Speech Synthesis Markup Language

Using SSML tags you can control how text is spoken. Below are a few examples , click on anyone to add it into the text box.

There are many other SSML tags, feel free to review the SSML documentation and experiment with different tags. Please note however that different voices may support certain SSML features differently, or they may prefer certain syntax variations.

For example, in some of the above examples, such as "Rate" or "Pitch" - you may notice that the sample text includes both 'relative' and 'absolute' attributes. Some of the voices support one type of attribute and not the other. We encourage you to experiment and identify the tags and attributes that work best with the voice you have selected.